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Star Dust Trails Embroidered patches

Star Dust Trails Embroidered patches

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In the realm of dreams, where stars align,
Lies a path bathed in cosmic shine.
Stardust trails, ethereal and bright,
Guide us through the darkness of the night.

Each step we take upon this cosmic lane,
Ignites our spirit, sets our hearts aflame.
With every footfall, we leave a trace,
A celestial journey, a sacred space.

Through moonlit forests and galaxies untold,
Stardust trails unravel secrets of old.
Whispers of constellations grace our ears,
As we wander through celestial frontiers.

Beneath the twinkling canopy above,
We're embraced by the universe's love.
In every glimmer, a story is revealed,
Of infinite wonders waiting to be unsealed.

Stardust trails lead us to realms unknown,
Where dreams take flight and fears are overthrown.
With every breath, we feel the cosmic beat,
Guiding us forward, igniting our feat.

In the tapestry of stars, we find our place,
A testament to the beauty of time and space.
Stardust trails, a symphony of the sublime,
Remind us that magic exists for all time.

So, let us dance upon these celestial threads,
Where imagination soars and passion spreads.
Stardust trails, a testament to our desire,
To reach beyond, to dream, to aim higher.

As we traverse this cosmic expanse,
Let stardust guide us in every chance.
For within its glow, we find our way,
To create, to explore, to seize the day.

Embrace the enchantment of stardust trails,
And let your spirit soar as it prevails.
For in this journey, we become whole,
Connected to the cosmos, body and soul.

• 26% cotton, 74% polyester
• 3″ (7.6 cm) in diameter
• Attachment options: iron-on, sew-on, or safety pin
• Blank product sourced from China
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